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Motor-car construction
machine building
Power tools
Motor-car construction

KZPM in close cooperation with customers has mastered the following products:

  • Valve bushings
  • Valve seats
  • Oil pump parts

  • Water pump parts

  • VVEL drive sprockets

  • Structural parts

Key locks production is currently under serious pressure caused be decrease of building volumes in our country.

However we see a serious potential in this sector and in 2015 we have started cooperation with several leading manufacturers such as:

Transport machine building

Our plant currently produces brake rigging bushings as per TU 32 TsV 2031 used in carriages and locomotives. We produce diesel engine and locomotive component parts for "Kolomensky zavod" OJSC (Kolomna plant) and other structural parts.







Power tools

Most of Russian power tools manufacturers produce component parts for assembly in Southeast Asia but there are some manufacturers who have already created production facilities in Russia. In 2015 KZPM have started cooperation with power tools manufacturers in the Russian Federation. Some component parts for angle grinders have been developed and preproduction thereof is currently in progress. KZPM is ready to offer its services on development and manufacturing of component parts for power tools in the Russian Federation.


In different years we developed and mastered the following products upon customers' requests:

  • captive nuts* having sizes of G3A..GlVa
  • lock-nuts having sizes of Du15..Du50
  • special metalware for gas facilities
  • component parts for metallurgic and mining equipment