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About plant

Kolomna powder metallurgy plant LLC was established in 2002. Convenient geographical location and close cooperation with customers have allowed us to take rightful place among powder metalwork manufacturers on the Russian Federation in relatively short time.

Parts manufactured by us are used in domestically produced engines for passenger and cargo vehicles, locomotive and marine engines, locking devices and plumbing equipment, elevator, carriage and machine building, locomotive and carriage brake systems and other industries.

Our quite small but mobile staff acts towards major and minor customers with equal responsibility. Particular attention is paid to products quality.

The plant has sufficient production facilities, equipment and human resources for batch production and new products development. Material and technical basis of the plant is evolved continuously to satisfy increasing demands of our customers related to complexity of manufactured products, decrease of labor and material content, decrease of defect rate.

Domestic industry today is going through the time of trial, but even against the background of financial constraints and decrease of production in our country we are working on new products which will allow our customers to get a benefit from implementation thereof and improve their products quality.

We will be glad to see you among our customers!